Aditya Jami

Co-Founder and CTO: Zoodig (PredictEffect & FAN)
Visting Research Scientist: Cornell and Stanford University

Aditya Jami Image


I am the Co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Predict Effect, FAN. I am also a Visiting Research Scientist at Cornell in Robot Learning Lab and Stanford University in Deep Social Learning Lab where I focus on Large Probabilistic Robot Knowledge Bases and Deep Social Learning.

Previously, I was a founding member of Cloud Solutions team at Netflix where I worked on famous Simian Army (Chaos Monkey), Cassandra/Priam, that are currently open sourced and used by several companies. Prior to that at Yahoo, I worked on Data Highway, a realtime data platform that collects and analyzes 300 Billion web events (10TB) a day with a total hardware footprint of 500,000 nodes. I received my Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University under the supervision of Hector Garcia Molina.

Problems I investigate are motivated by large scale multi modal data, the Web, on-line media and Knowledge bases.

Research Interests

  • Large Scale Data Storage and Processing Systems (BigData)
  • Mining massive datasets (Web, Knowledge base, Social Data)
  • Knowledge Integration & Representations
  • Cloud Computing
  • Recent News

    1st Dec 2014:
    Thrilled to announce our new lab at Stanford for doing Deep Learning on Social Data
    30th Nov 2014:
    Technicak report on our RoboBrain knowledge base submitted at arXiv
    15th Oct 2014:
    Excited to collaborate with multiple groups taking CS 229 & CS 221 at Stanford.
    We are focusing on different problems under extracting large space hierarchical labels for cross channel social data. Check here
    Sep 2014:
    RoboBrain received significant Media coverage including NYT, Wired, TechCrunch, BBC etc.
    Sep 2014:
    Started working on 4 interesting patents conceived at my startup Predict Effect