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Currently a Stanford or Cornell student. Current students of Stanford interested in getting involved with RoboBrain or Tell Me Dave, feel free to get in touch by sending your resume at robobrain@cs.stanford.edu. This reaches me directly and I’d be happy to suggest a good fit in the right project.

Not currently a Stanford or Cornell student. Visit www.cs.stanford.edu/education/admissions or http://admissions.cornell.edu/ for the application process of relevant universities. Due to high number of applicants I’m unable to respond to individual emails. I’d be happy to discuss the possibilities of working together once you are admitted.

RoboBrain or Tell Me Dave. We have few open positions for students currently at Stanford or Cornell. To apply, get in touch by sending your resume at robobrain@cs.stanford.edu and I will be happy to suggest a good fit.

PredictEffect/Fan (Zoodig Inc). We are working on exciting Big Data and Machine learning problems in Social Media space and have few open positions for winter quarter/semester. Email your resume at jobs@predicteffect.com and we will get back to you about specific projects that suit your background.

I have done quite a few of these gigs before with reputable VC firms in Silicon Valley. Currently, Lot of my time is being spent across Zoodig, RoboBrain and Deep Social Learning lab and I cannot accommodate more than 1 or 2 requests per month. Shoot me an email at aditya@zoodig.com and I will try to respond in few days.

I get 2-3 requests a week from companies asking for technical advice, and 5-6 emails a week from people looking to me or my students, and unfortunately just don’t have the capacity to respond individually.

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