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Since Cornell's mascot is a bear, our robots have been named Yogi, Kodiak, Blue, and Panda (for PersonAl Non-Deterministic Arm), Polar (for PersOnaL Assistant Robot).

We are excited to announce the addition of Yogi, a Baxter research robot, to our family of robots. See it in action.



Changxi Zheng (now assistant professor at Columbia University), Congcong Li (PhD student, co-advised by Saxena, now at Google), Zhaoyin Jia (now at Google X), Vaibhav Aggarwal Gaurab Basu, Matthew Cong (now a PhD student at Stanford CS), Mevlana Gemici, Rudhir Gupta (now at Arista Networks), TP Wong (now at Stanford), Kent Sutherland, Sherwin Li, Wen Hao Lui (now at Stanford), Marcus Lim, Tiffany Low (now MS student at Stanford), Alejandro Perez (now PhD student at MIT), Andrew Perrault (now PhD student at University of Toronto), Stephen Moseson (now at Amazon), Hakim S, Mayank Shrivastava, Paul Heran Yang, Brian Wojcik, Jerry Yeh.

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