Robobarista: Generalizing Manipulation in 3D Pointclouds


Tell Me Dave: Grounding Language to Manipulation Instructions


Synthesizing Manipulation Sequences for Under-Specified Tasks using Unrolled Markov Random Fields


Happy Holidays from the Robot Learning Lab - PR2 makes himself a friend


Beyond geometric path planning: On Learning Context Driven Trajectory Preferences


Anticipating Human Activities for Reactive Robotic Response

(Best Student Paper Award at RSS'13, and finalist for Best Video Award at IROS'13.)


Deep Learning for Detecting Robotic Grasps


Hallucinating Humans for Robotic Scene Understanding


Descriptive Labelling of Activities


Learning to Place New Objects


PR2: Box packaging robot


Salad anyone? Robot slices cucumber


Contextually Guided Scene Understanding for RGBD data


Inferring articulated 3D structures


Scene Understanding using FeCCM


Learning to grasp new objects: dishwasher unloading


Response to Military Gestures

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